Product Description

Energy efficient, safe, reliable, economical and environmentally friendly

Show of Power

High-end pump market leader

Research and Development · Production

ShenZhen Quantianxia Special Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech pump research and development, manufacturing and sales company. The company has more than 20 research and development teams, including two researchers and five senior engineers: The team members are mainly from military research institutes, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xijiao University, Harbin Institute of Technology and other universities; including fluid machinery, chemical processes, hydraulic equipment, automation control Professionals in special motors and other fields. The research team has accumulated rich experience in the industry, specializing in high and low temperature and high-speed centrifugal pumps, high-precision metering pumps, dry vacuum pumps, special hydraulic complete sets of equipment and aerospace special products research and development with new product development, new technology research And the ability and conditions of the project to operate.

Testing Equipment

It has advanced Demaggio nine-axis turning and milling compound, motor performance testing system, three-dimensional, vacuum experimental system and powerful machining capability.

Quality Management

According to the advanced technical requirements of the R&D team, we have established a complete laboratory and measurement system. We have a large number of experimental equipment, and each product is precisely measured. In the enterprise competition, we can achieve customer satisfaction to a greater extent.

Manufacturing Capacity

Provide solutions for high-end pump products for customers around the world. In the next 10 years, under the opportunities and challenges of China's economic transformation and comprehensive upgrading of the manufacturing industry, Quantianxia Special Equipment will continue to provide high-quality, high-performance products and solutions to customers around the world.